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Should you be investing for cash flow or appreciation?

When it comes to money, in this era of technology, everyone loves to have an active source of income through which they can become stable. Investing is not only the best source of income, but it also comes assisted with countless benefits and amazing reasons that you should invest to earn more money.

However, let’s say you want to invest in property and look to earn money through a side-hustle. A little bit of extra cash can never do you wrong, and it is never a bad idea to have a goal for extra money earning. Many people face the main issue that they do not know where to start, or they do not have enough resources to educate themselves.

For this reason, people might get stuck in trying to figure out which source of income might be more beneficial in the end, cash flow or appreciation. Therefore, if you are trying to figure out where to start and want to learn about the benefits of each source, then you have come to the right place.

There are a lot of benefits to earning money from cash flow or investing it to get appreciated results, so let’s take a deeper dive and educate ourselves on whether you should invest in cash flow or appreciation.

What is cash flow?

In simple terms, cash flow is the term given to payments made and transferred in and out of a business. It can be a positive or negative based on the types of investment that you might make. It can be beneficial to you, but sometimes it may cause you to lose money instead of earning money.

To explain it even further, let’s say you take some time to invest in property and put it on rent, and some people start to live in it; it can go one of two ways. Let’s say the rent of the building is $1000. A couple of hundred dollars would end up paying utilities, but the rest would be your earnings, let’s say $500.

This is a positive earning from cash flow investment; you get instant results when the building starts being occupied. A negative cashflow can occur as well, as cash flow can also cause you to lose money sometimes. If we take the same scenario, and you end up paying $1200 in utilities, you will lose $200 and, therefore, experience a negative cash flow. So, cash flow can be both negative and positive.

Understanding appreciation

When it comes to appreciation, there is usually no negative outcome in investing in any property or other source of income. Appreciation does not give out an instant earning, but rather it may give you money several months after you might have been expected to get paid, but it will give you money in bulk which is better for you in the long-run.

In appreciation, there is usually no back and forth in investment as it is a direct payment instead of being returned in losses. For this reason, people might think of investing in getting their money appreciated instead of other reasons. Whether it is a retirement plan that you have in mind or any other reason that you might want some extra money on the side, sometimes appreciation is the way to go.

When you consider investing your money to get it appreciated, let’s take the same example of a building that you are looking to buy. You may put it in a spot that you think might go up in value over time, and for that reason, you might be thinking of investing money into it.

Over time, if the price of the land increases beyond what you originally paid and you decide to resell the land to another buyer, then you will gain an increased amount of money, and therefore you will end up having a positive outcome. This is appreciation in a nutshell.

Which one is better for earning money?

Now, you might be thinking about which one is better for long-term earning and what benefits it may provide whether you invest your money into cash flow or get it appreciated. For this reason, we will look into some of the benefits of both sources of income and discuss in detail what you might be looking for.

Investing in cashflow

First, let’s take a quick peek at some of the benefits you might experience if you invest your money into cash flow returns rather than appreciation. Some people may not know the difference between the two; therefore, before proceeding, we highly recommend you check out what both terms mean.

Suppose you are extremely overworked and are looking for a way to earn money and ‘not be’ so overworked. In that case, the cash flow investment might be the best option for you, as it provides you with a source of income without needing to put any physical labor or any physical effort.

Another benefit that you might not know about is that, unlike appreciation, you can get the money flowing into your bank account almost instantly when it comes to investing in cash flow. Cashflow is typically used for more frequent payments, and it allows you to get your money quicker.

Investing in appreciation

Now, some people do not mind waiting longer to get their payment as long as they get the fruit of their labor and get more payment in shorter bursts but all at once in the end. For this reason, if you are this type of person, then investing in appreciation might be the safest bet for you.

If you invest in cash flow, there are chances that you might have a negative outcome as there are several chances that you can lose money instead of earning money. In contrast, when it comes to appreciation, you usually do not lose any money, rather there are very high chances that you earn double based on the price of the rental property at the time of selling.

If you are looking to invest in collecting retirement funds, that may be the best option for you to enjoy your retired life without needing to worry about extra expenses. It can be the perfect way to retire and still have an active source of income to your name so that you can live comfortably without having to worry about your income.

Appreciation can also help you master the habit of patience since appreciation will not give your money instantly, but once it does, you will earn a lot more than what you initially paid for. Suppose you have extra cash lying around and want to invest in a rental property and learn more about real estate. In that case, appreciation investment is an excellent idea since you can learn more about the dos and don’ts of investment.


People usually do not know what the difference is between cash flow and appreciation, and they can end up investing before even needing to research or thinking of educating themselves on this topic which is one of the biggest mistakes ever. You should never invest without educating yourself on what investment is.

This can help you prevent yourself from making one of the biggest mistakes ever, and it can also help you figure out what source of income is most viable for you, whether you want to invest in real estate and earn the next day or save for your retirement. For this reason, research is highly important and crucial.

Therefore, investing in either appreciation or cash flow can all depend on you and your needs. Therefore, take the time to figure out the best source of income for you, and take the next step vigilantly, knowing what you are getting yourself into so that you don’t make any major mistakes.

With that, happy investing!

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