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Gain Financial Freedom
While You Work and Serve

URP understand there is risk in every investment. Multifamily helps your investment diversify across a portfolio of assets so that your investment can be as safe as possible.

URP is hands on in every aspect of the acquisition. We thoroughly screen every potential acquisition to make sure we get the best returns for our investors.

Why Multifamily Real Estate?

Real Estate has been one of the top ways businesses and individuals grow and preserve their wealth. Most people want to invest in multimillion-dollar deals, but they don’t know how no need to worry because URP is your answer. Multifamily real estate provides diversification within every investment. Multifamily statistically provides for a safe investment within the real estate industry. Multifamily provides a positive effect within the marketplace. Most people rent before they purchase a home, URP believe there will always be a market of renters, and we will be there to provide them a quality of living.

Why URP?

URP makes investing in real estate simplistic for its military members, veterans, and others who really want to invest and grow their wealth. No need to waste your time looking for opportunities, URP does the work for you.

URP provides access to real estate assets that were historically limited to those with connections, and wealth. URP allows you to invest in real estate with smaller investment sizes.

If you invest alone, you can own a single asset, but with URP you are able to invest in a portfolio of multimillion-dollar asses through our syndication opportunities.


URP understands the tasks given to its military members to serve our country. We understand that you may not have the time or education to invest in real estate, and that’s where URP comes in.

URP will educate you, answer all your questions you may have about investing with URP and in real estate. URP will help you lead, develop, and achieve in your real estate goals.

Find out more about how URP can assist you in your real estate investing goals. We can help you invest your 401k, IRA, TSP, Contract Bonus, or Cash Reserves.

Start Investing With URP

If you are ready to take your financial future into your own hands and achieve the financial freedom you want and deserve for you and your family the start today.

Join URP investors club- We’ll start by getting to know you and your goals for investing, after this step we will begin to share investment opportunities with you.


Together we can continue to serve our country by helping our military members, veterans, and others. Remember you can achieve financial freedom while you serve your country.


Separate from the pack and control your own freedom, LEAD FROM THE FRONT.


500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158




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